Thursday, April 7, 2011

OOPS, missed a day.

Sorry about yesterday, Wednesday, all the days seem to run together now. So we went to the Grand Bazaar, what a trip that was, everyone wants to sell you something. There are over 4000 little shops, you could spend days in there and not see everything. Lots of junk but some little treasures as well. In the evening there was a "sunset" cruise, too bad it was rainy and foggy. Had a great time anyway. Have met some great people!!! Interesting stories... Today, Thurs. we had an historical tour and I have to say we are falling in love with this place!! The culture and the history is amazing. We visited a few mosques today, the sultans palace- WOW!!! That guy was livin' large!! Beautiful building. So much learned today, hard to remember it all. When we get home, we are going to get some books and study up on the muslim religion, we are facinated!! I think they get a bad wrap! Not that there aren't bad apples in every culture.....Had the Ritz Chairman Circle gala tonight, man, this company knows how to throw a party!!! 5 star everything.......Wish I would have gotten started with the company when I was younger. Oh well, in my next life I guess. Anyway so happy there is nothing planned tomorrow and we are going to sleep in!! its well deserved, then will probably go back to the bazaar and have fun bargining with the Turkish men :0) They like to act like they don't speak english, but they know! Good night for now......

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